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Bestselling self-help author Debbie Ford has died_0

Bestselling self-help author Debbie Ford has died,nike free run dame
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Ang Lee moves into TV after "Life of Pi" Oscar win_0

Ang Lee moves into TV after &quot,nike free run tilbud;Life of Pi&quot,nike free sort; Oscar win
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Commentary- Mr. Rubio, Government Can Create Opportunity_0

Commentary: Mr,billige nike free. Rubio, Government Can Create Opportunity
Yahoo News asked readers to react to Sen. Marco Rubio's Republican response on Tuesday night. Here's one perspective.
COMMENTARY | Sen. Marco Rubio gave the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address. After introducing himself to the American public, he quickly accused the president of being against our free enterprise economy, interested primarily in growing government and increasing taxes. I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually think that any president would be against free enterprise. Especially one who just announced an initiative to create a series of "manufacturing innovation institutes," partnering businesses with the government to create new opportunities and jobs,nike free sko.
Sen. Rubio followed that questionable attack by saying that the government doesn't create opportunities, inspire new ideas, businesses or jobs. But that simply isn't true. The government does inspire new ideas and businesses all the time. NASA has inspired dozens of industries and businesses with innovative products and ideas. The Internet was born out of a Department of Defense project in the '60s, and grew with support from the National Science Foundation in the '90s. Federal and state incentives have been key to growing the clean-energy industry nationwide,nike free sort. The list goes on and on. To say that the government cannot inspire new businesses and industries is a misrepresentation of recent history at best and dishonest at worst.
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Colombia cool to rebel-announced cease-fire_3

Colombia cool to rebel-announced cease-fire
,nike blazers sale
HAVANA (AP) ? Colombia's main rebel group announced a unilateral cease-fire on Monday as it began much-anticipated peace talks, but the Bogota government responded that it would continue military operations.
Top negotiator Ivan Marquez said the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia would halt all acts of sabotage and attacks against government and private property starting at midnight Monday and running through Jan. 20.
He made the announcement as negotiators for both sides entered the talks in Havana without other comment.
Marquez said the move was "aimed at strengthening the climate of understanding necessary for the parties to start a dialogue."
Hours later, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon told reporters in the Colombian capital that while the government hoped the FARC would keep its promise, "history shows that this terrorist organization has never kept its word. It's very difficult to believe."
He added that Colombian security forces have "the constitutional duty to pursue all criminals who have violated the Constitution."
"As a result, the terrorists of the FARC are being pursued for all the crimes they have committed over so many years and not for future crimes," said Pinzon, one of President Juan Manuel Santos' most trusted collaborators.
The FARC had sought a cease-fire before entering the talks. But Santos firmly rejected halting military operations, intent on obtaining tangible results in the negotiations from an insurgency that has been weakened militarily in recent years.
Piedad Cordoba, a leftist former Colombian senator who has served as a go-between with the Western Hemisphere's last remaining major insurgency, said the unilateral cease-fire gives the FARC "credibility and legitimacy."
"It certainly puts political pressure on the Santos government" not to attack the rebels during the talks, said Adam Isacson, an analyst at the Washington Office on Latin America.
The talks got under way under threatening skies at a convention center in Havana, with most rebel and government negotiators dressed casually in short-sleeve shirts or guayaberas.
The rebel delegation came sporting a life-size cardboard cutout of Simon Trinidad, a FARC leader symbolically named to the negotiating committee. He is serving a 60-year jail term in the United States for hostage-taking conspiracy and the rebels consider him a prisoner of war.
Among the rebels at the talks was Tanja Nijmeijer, a 34-year-old polyglot Dutch woman who joined the rebels a decade ago and was a last-minute addition to the rebel delegation. Nijmeijer, the only woman at the negotiating table, entered the convention center wearing a dark beret with a FARC insignia.
Cuba is playing host to the talks in Havana following a formal inauguration in Oslo, Norway last month. The FARC has been at war with successive Colombian government half a century and the drug trade-fueled conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives, mostly civilians, and included killings of suspected rebel sympathizers by right-wing death squads allied with the military.
There is no deadline for agreement,nike blazers for women, though Santos has said he expects results in months, not years, or he will halt the negotations.
The talks, the result of seven months of secret negotiations in Havana, follow four failed efforts since the early 1980s.
A cease-fire reach with the FARC in the first of those efforts fell apart amid accusations of mutual failures to honor it.
Universidad de los Andes political scientist Sandra Borda said in Bogota that the rebels' cease-fire announcement has her wondering whether the FARC's leadership can pull it off.
"If it works, it will substantially change the tone of these negotiations," said Borda, and become "a mechanism of pressure on the government to stay at the table."
Land reform, the heart of the conflict,cheap nike Griffey, is at the top of the agenda and the negotiators vowed in a roadmap agreement signed Aug. 26 that both sides would keep the negotiations secret pending joint public progress reports.
The Colombian government is hoping peace leads to greater foreign investment, including the extractive industries, and says its economic model is not negotiable. But the FARC is insisting on nationalizing natural resources.
The government has promised to return millions of acres of stolen land to displaced peasants, one of the rebels' main demands, and compensate victims.
The 9,000-strong FARC is being asked as a condition of peace to help end the cocaine trade that has funded its struggle.
Colombians also want it to account for the dozens of kidnap victims who have disappeared in its custody and other noncombatants it is accused of killing.
Paul Haven in Havana, Cesar Garcia and Vivian Sequera in Bogota, Colombia, and Frank Bajak in Lima, Peru, contributed to this report.
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Barak says reported Syria strike shows Israel is serious_0

Barak says reported Syria strike shows Israel is serious
MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday an attack on a Syrian arms complex showed Israel was serious about preventing the flow of heavy weapons into Lebanon, appearing to acknowledge for the first time that Israel carried out the strike.
Israel has maintained official silence over Wednesday's raid, which Syria said targeted a military research center north-west of Damascus.
"I cannot add anything to what you have read in the newspapers about what happened in Syria several days ago," Barak told a security conference in Munich on Sunday.
"But I keep telling frankly that we said, and that is another proof that when we say something we mean it. We say that we don't think it should be allowable to bring advanced weapons systems into Lebanon."
Diplomats, Syrian rebels and security sources said Israeli jets bombed a convoy near the Lebanese border on Wednesday, apparently hitting weapons destined for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, which fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006.
Syria denied the assertions, saying the target was the Jamraya complex on the northwestern fringes of Damascus and 8 miles from the border.
Some of the diplomats and security sources said the apparently contradictory accounts might refer to the same incident, given Jamraya's proximity to the border and the fact that vehicles inside the complex were hit as well as buildings.
Syrian television broadcast footage from the Jamraya base for the first time, showing extensive damage to buildings and several heavy military vehicles which appeared capable of carrying missiles,nike blazers for women. At least one vehicle, with light desert khaki markings, was equipped with what looked like a satellite dish.
Several burnt out cars and lorries - including one with a large hole smashed through the roof of the driver's cabin - could also be seen in the footage, as well as the badly damaged interior of an office.
Until Barak's comment, Israel had maintained silence over the attack, as it did in 2007 when it bombed a suspected Syrian nuclear site - an attack that passed without Syrian military retaliation.
Syria's ambassador to Lebanon warned on Thursday that his county could take "a surprise decision to respond", but gave no details. Damascus protested to the United Nations, saying it considered the raid a violation of a 1974 military disengagement agreement which followed the last major Israeli-Syrian war,cheap nike blazers.
In his first reported response to the attack, President Bashar al-Assad accused Israel on Sunday of seeking to destabilize Syria and said Damascus was able to confront "current threats ... and aggression" against it.
Assad made the remarks in a meeting with Saeed Jalili, Iran's national security council secretary, who pledged Tehran's "full support for the Syrian people ,nike blazers womens... facing the Zionist aggression, and its continued coordination to confront the conspiracies and foreign projects".
The Syrian president, Shi'ite Iran's closest Arab ally, is battling a 22-month-old uprising in which 60,000 people have been killed. Assad says the rebels are Islamist terrorists funded and armed by Turkey and Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab states.
(Additional reporting by Dominic Evans in Beirut; editing by Andrew Roche)
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